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Nude Celebs Pics

2012-Nov-9 - Nude Ashley Judd

With these busty boobs and a well-reamed pussy, Ashley Judd appears in a nude photo shoot like a real pro, showing off her amazing naked body with a lewd smile on her face. That woman is born for sex!

ashley judd poses naked

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2012-Aug-7 - Miley Cyrus Sunbathing In The Nude

Meet another lovely nude celebrity, Miley Cyrus! Miley is a really hot star, but when she only feels hot herself, we start feeling just crazy about her. For Miley, this nude sunbathing occasion is only an opportunity of refreshing herself in the breeze and making her skin evenly tanned. For us, it is a lovely chance of seeing her naked.

miley cyrus takes a nude sun bath

And yes, Miley never lets the chance slip if she can make a little show of her nude self, no matter where it may occur, outside or indoors.

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2012-Aug-7 - Milla Jovovich Gets Fully Exposed

Milla Jovovich is one of the courageous celebrity girls who have never had problems getting nude for the camera. However, we have always had some problems trying to see a little bit more of her than just nude breasts and buttocks, or even unshaven pubis. At last, here she is, revealing the dearest parts of her body!

milla jovovich gets naked to expose her crotch

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2012-Jan-18 - Nude Pin Up Girl Hayden Panettiere

A stylish nude softcore Hayden Panettiere fake which can be taken for a vintage pin-up picture. Decent enough to be used as a desktop wallpaper... in a bachelor's den :) An amazing OPO fake job.


hayden panettiere nude softcore


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2011-Dec-4 - Nude Hilary Duff

Someone called MacMan asked Hilary Duff to pose in the nude for a while. Hilary did not think twice. She went out of the room for a minute, and when she appeared in the doorway again, she already had no clothes on.


hilary duff poses nude in the doorway


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2011-Sep-29 - Natalie Portman In The Nude

Meet Natalie Portman. Lying nude in bed. Doing nothing. Just posing in the nude. Holy fuck! That gorgeous slender body is asking for a stroke...


nude natalie portman posing in bed


More of Natalie Portman posing nude in bed!


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2011-Sep-5 - Lindsay Lohan Getting Nude

Most of that gorgeous body is already exposed. The only little thing left is the pussy, but it won't take long to make it fully visible too, as Lindsay Lohan is already taking off her panties to appear perfectly nude before astonished eyes of her fans.

lindsay lohan getting nude

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2011-Jul-20 - Paris Hilton Nude And Shameless

If you prefer softcore, you may like a different sample of Paris Hilton Nude Beauty. As for this fake, it features the kind of explicitness which considers shame and modesty to be unnecessary.


Paris Hilton Nude And Shameless



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2011-Jul-19 - Emma Watson Nude And Innocent

A softcore nude fake of Emma Watson posing out of doors. A piece of tender beauty. Young and innocent. Adorable. Touching.


Emma Watson Nude And Innocent


Enjoy a bigger sample of Emma Watson Posing Nude Outside, too.



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2011-May-11 - Beautiful Jennifer Lopez Nude Fake

jennifer lopez nude


An artistic Jennifer Lopez Nude Image. Jennifer Lopez is represented lying nude on the settee, on her back, with her side turned to the camera and legs stuck up and knees bended, to let us see a bit of her nude crotch. Jennifer is wearing nothing but a couple of necklaces and a pair of high-heels. An adorable combination of perfect nudity and a perfect body.

See more of Nude Jennifer Lopez


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2011-Apr-18 - Nude Gwyneth Paltrow

gwyneth paltrow nude#2. A nude Gwyneth Paltrow fake. Or almost nude, as in this pic, Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing a pair of white stockings, but they are the only pieces of clothes seen on her perfectlly naked body, adorable as she she lying in bed with her legs spread. A very nice nude parody fantasy. Don't miss your chance of seeing some more of Gwyneth Paltrow in the nude, too :)
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2011-Apr-1 - Meg Ryan Nude

meg ryan nude#1. Meg Ryan Nude. The first pic here is a fake without doubt. There are too many details that make it absolutely impossible to mistake it for a real pic of nude Meg Ryan. But isn't it just beautiful? To say nothing of the fact that it is HOT!

Meg Ryan Nude In Stockings

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2011-Apr-1 - Nude Celebs - Faked and Real

What sort of nude celebs images do you prefer? Real shots or faked ones? Of course, seeing a naked celebrity in a photo session that really took place is more amazing than knowing that the pic is only a fake. But fakes can often offer you much more to see. Even more than some pics taken by paparazzi. And even more than pics made during sessions for common erotic magazines. So, the choice is yours. We'll only try to gather some of the most remarkable pics here, both real and fakes, featuring famous celebs caught naked in different circumstances :)
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